Dermalogica Signature Facial Main Image

Dermalogica Signature Facial

Want a facial that is totally customized for you but with a few extras? This is the facial for you! As always, we want to give you the best facial we can and this is why are delighted to offer you our Dermalogica Signature Facial.

This facial incorporates all of the amazing elements that makes this Signature Facial so special while also including a few extra touches. You will be treated to an Eye-Zone treatment which is a hydrating, refreshing eye treatment, a Dermalogica Multi-Vitamin Hand Treatment to leave hands soft and supple and an Eyebrow Shape, all while totally designing the facial for skin concerns and needs.

The therapist will begin with a double cleanse and then complete a Dermalogica face mapping skin analysis giving your therapist a chance to look at your skin and speak with you about your concerns before giving you a plan of how she will treat your skin today.

After an exfoliation which will brighten and refresh your skin, extractions are completed as needed, as well as your Eyebrow Shape. What’s great is that the steam used as part of your double cleanse has opened your pores and this reduces any discomfort that people can find during tweezing. A relaxing face, chest and shoulder massage is performed incorporating lymphatic drainage to reduce puffiness as part of the Eye-Zone treatment.

Customized masques are then applied including a specific eye mask. While you are relaxing with your masque on, your therapist will complete the Multi-Vitamin Hand Treatment which consists of an exfoliation and masque before finishing with a moisturising hand cream.

To complete the treatment your therapist will finish with chosen aftercare products for you leaving your skin hydrated and refreshed and you feeling totally pampered!