2 day Microblading & Ombre Combo Training for just $1599 in Tampa.

Easy Payment Installment Plans Available

Because we use Smaat Pay to process the payments, Smaat Pay has an option to split the payments in easy installments. We offer this service for free of charge to our students. But all payment must be paid in full before the student can take the training.
If the student decides to cancel the class once they start making the payments, the payments made cannot be refunded.

Microblading & Ombre Combo Training by the Licensed Specialists.

Microblading & Ombre Combo Professional Courses are thought by Liyakhat Khan ( Master Microblading Artist). Our Microblading & Ombre Combo Course is for students and professionals with no previous experience with Microblading or Machine Ombre Techniques. Liyakhat Khan is also Certified by American Academy of Micropigmentation (AAM).
We will teach you everything you need to know: from basic steps of drawing shapes, to advanced skills of microblading a variety of hair-stroke patterns, how to use the tattoo machine and draw the ombre brow. Once you finish the course you will be able to create 3D hair illusions and the perfect eyebrows for your clients.

Our Class Room Sizes

It has been proven that students learn faster and perform better in smaller classes. A small classroom size results in more individual attention, increased participation, and better communication between the instructor and students.

After Training Support

Our teaching does not end once the training is over. We provide unlimited support to all our students. Our students can attend any of our classes again if they want to for free or charge. We also allow them to come and shadow us and learn during our regular microblading or ombre sessions.
We encourage our students to call us or send us pictures anytime for questions they have with the products or issues with their clients with microblading.

Microblading and Ombre Combo Training

We offer three different packages for Microblading and Ombre Combo Training as follows.

Basic Two Day Training for $1599 + Unlimited After Training Support in Person or Over the Phone.
Basic Training is a two day training. Kit is included in the price.

Day One Schedule is as follows:
  • What is Microblading and Ombre. What are the difference.
  • Who is a Candidate and not a Candidate for Microblading or Ombre.
  • What are the contraindications for Microblading and Ombre.
  • How much does supplies for Microblading and Ombre Cost.
  • How much to charge for Microblading Or Ombre.
  • Skin Anatomy.
  • Microblading Blades and Different Types.
  • Different Types of Tattoo Machines.
  • Tattoo Needles and their types.
  • Tattoo Needle Taper.
  • Tattoo Needle width.
  • How to read Tattoo Needle Labels.
  • Microblading and Ombre Pigments
  • How to apply for Tattoo Artist, Tattoo Establishment License and Bio Medical Waste Permit.
  • Legal Forms to do Microblading or Ombre.
  • How to do brow mapping for Microblading or Ombre.
  • How to do different styles of Microblading Stroke.
  • Practice pressure and Microblading strokes with mapping on demo skins.

Day two schedule is as follows.
  • How to hold the Tattoo Machine.
  • Tattoo Machine hygiene and how to wrap up the machine.
  • Advanced Mapping Techniques for Microblading and Ombre.
  • Different Ombre Outlining Techniques.
  • Different Ombre Shading Techniques.
  • Practice Ombre Outlining and Shading on Practice Skins.
  • Practice Microblading Strokes on Practice Skins.
  • Links to buy the supplies.
  • Ready to go forms filled for tattoo artist license.

Intermediate Training- Three Day Training for $2100
Most Popular and Most Value For Your Buck!!
Intermediate Training is a three days training. The first two of the training is same as Basic Training. The third day of the Training includes
  • Setting up the station.
  • Client consultation.
  • Hands on Demo by Student Measuring the Eyebrows.
  • Trainer Doing the Microblading or Ombre Combo Brow on Model.
  • Questions and Answer Session.
  • Client after care.
  • Intense Practice of Ombre Shading and Outlining.
  • Advanced Measuring and MappingTechniques.

Advanced Training- Four Day Training for $2500
Advanced Training is four days training. The first, second and third day of the training is same as Intermediate Training. Once the student gets the Tattoo Artist License, the student will schedule an appointment with for the third day to perform Microblading or Combo Brow on their own Client.
The third day of Training Includes,
  • Trainee setting up the station
  • Trainee doing the Client consultation.
  • Trainee performing microblading or Ombre Combo Brow on the client.
  • Client after care.

Master Training - 100 Hours - $5000
The first four days of the training is same as Advanced Training. Kit is included in the price. Once the student gets the Tattoo Artist License and completes the the four days of training, they will perform 13 additional microblading or ombre sessions on their clients.
Master Training Includes,
  • 13 additional hands on microblading or ombre done by trainee (Total 15 clients).
  • 100 hours of total training time qualified for Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals CPCP Certification or American Academy of Micropigmentation.

What's in the Kit?
Microblading Training Kit
The Kit is included in the training price. Students who take our training gets the Kit for free.
  • Tattoo Machine with Power Supply ($200).
  • Tattoo Machine Needles to do Ombre Brow ($20).
  • Demo Skins ($10).
  • Tina Davis Pigment ($30).
  • 2D Laminated Practice Face.
  • Practice Ink ($5).
  • 14 F Blades, 18U Blades, 19R Microshading Blades ($15).
  • Magic Numbing Cream ($40).
  • Practice Head to do Measurements ($15).
  • Practice Head Bands ($5).
  • Mascarra Wands, Distributor Spreader, Lip Stick Wands ($3).
  • Phi Calipers ($15).
  • EyeBrow Measuring Calipers ($3).
  • Pigment Rings.
  • Stick-on Measuring Scale.
  • Eyebrow Pencil ($10).
  • Eyebrow Seran Wrap ($3).

To take this course, all the individuals need to be atleast 18 years old.
Need to finish the 2 hour, Bloodborne Pathogen & Communicable Diseases course before taking this training.
This course is taught according to the Florida standards. Participants from other states, please go to the link below to check the rules and regulations for Tattoo Artist in your state.

Microblading and Ombre Combo Training Policies

As we offer both group and one-on-one Microblading & Ombre Combo Classes, the addon for Individual Training is only $600.
Please keep in mind lot of planning and scheduling goes in place. We print all the booklets and buy kits for the students that attend the class. For this purpose we take a deposit of $500 or $800 for Basic and Intermediate Training respectively when you schedule the class.

Prerequisite Policy
The only Prerequisite we have for the course is the bloodpathogen course. You can take the bloodpathogen training anytime before taking the class.
Scheduling Policy
  • A flat $500 or $800 scheduling fee is collected for Basic and Intermediate Training respectively when you make the appointment online or over the phone.
  • The scheduling fee is non refundable.
  • Rest of the amount for Training fee is due a day before the class. The students will not be allowed to take the class until the rest or full fee is paid.
No Show Policy
Z Beauty Academy & Spa is not responsible to return any fee the student paid in case the student failed to attend the class or inform in advance and make necessary arrangements atleast 48 hours before the scheduled class.
Rescheduling Policy
Unless the student gives 48 hour notice, all the fee paid by the student is non refundable. In case the student has to reschedule the class, the student needs to give atleast 48 hour notice to Z Beauty Academy & Spa and Z Beauty Academy & Spa is totally happy to reschedule the class free of charge.
Cancelled Class
Sometimes due to unseen circumstances, Z Beauty Academy & Spa might have to cancel or reschedule the class. If for any reason we cancel the class, the students will be refunded 100% of the fee. If we have to reschedule, Z Beauty Academy & Spa will give the option to the students either to receive the 100% refund or to reschedule the class for free.
Non Refundable Policy
All the services provided by the Z Beauty Academy & Spa are non refundable. This includes the training and the kit provided during the training.
Advanced Training Policy
If you elect for Advanced Training, Florida Law Prohibits students to perform on any live models until they get their Tattoo Artist License.

Once your complete the training, you will take the course completion certificate, blood pathogen certificate and submit the paper work to Florida Department of Health. Once the Department of Health issues you the Tattoo License, you will then make the appointment with us and guide you and walk you though on how to work on your live model.

Service Price
Basic Two Day Microblading & Ombre Combo Training $1599
Intermediate Three Day Microblading & Ombre Combo Training $2100
Advanced Four Day Microblading & Ombre Combo Training $2500
One-on-One Training Addon $600
Unlimited After Training Support FREE